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Old Republic Specialized Agency Solutions (ORSAS)

Old Republic Specialized Agency Solutions (ORSAS) provides national and local agents with a wide array of products and services to supplement our agents' product line during loan origination, closing and loan servicing on residential and commercial transactions. At ORSAS, we provide solutions for title, settlement and valuation services, thereby enabling agents to close more loans and expand their service areas without increasing their overhead.

By delivering a diverse range of real estate products and information services nationwide (where permitted by law), ORSAS continually works to create mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with our agents. When it comes time to expand into new areas, ORSAS can provide the support to complete a transaction and direct you to the resources necessary to obtain licensing in new states. Let us help you grow your business while maintaining flexibility in an ever-changing market.

ORSAS is a proud division of the Old Republic Title Insurance Group (ORTIG)*, which, since 1992, has had unsurpassed financial strength ratings. No other title insurance group can make that claim. These ratings reflect ORTIG's consolidated operating performance and strategic relationships with its parent company, Old Republic International Corporation (ORI). One of the nation's 50 largest insurance organizations, ORI has assets of approximately $18.9 billion**.

Since 1907, Old Republic Title has been protecting home and property owners by insuring risks on property located in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Given today's economic climate, it is important to partner with an underwriter you can trust, which is why Old Republic Title is a name you can recommend with confidence.

For assistance with your next transaction, or to learn more about ORSAS' services, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

*  Old Republic Title’s underwriters are Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and American Guaranty Title Insurance Company.

** Total Assets as of March 31, 2017.

Old Republic Title

Old Republic Title is one of the largest title insurance groups* in the United States. We operate through a national network of Company-owned offices, affiliates, authorized agents and approved attorneys, which allows us to service our customers in both large and small markets across the country.

* Members of the Old Republic Title Insurance Group are Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and American Guaranty Title Insurance Company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide market-responsive real estate transfer products and services for individuals, businesses and government through direct operations and independent title agencies resulting in...

Mission Rationale

To provide market-responsive, real estate transfer products and services...

Old Republic Title will focus on markets, business opportunities and customers that represent the greatest potential for profits and growth.

Being market-responsive involves every employee in the Company. Each of our employees has the responsibility to recognize and attend to our customer's needs, whether they are internal customers or external customers.

Our service and product development processes must be market-responsive. We must develop new products and services, and profitably bring them to the marketplace.

 ...for individuals, businesses and government...

Our products and services are provided to a broad spectrum of customers who, in some manner, participate in the real estate transfer process.

Our customers include individuals, businesses and government entities, as follows:

...through direct operations and independent title agencies...

Our customers must realize a distinct value that cannot be obtained from our competitors. We must strive to offer the highest quality products and services through our network of direct operations and independent title agencies.

 ...resulting in planned, profitable growth...

All our direct operations and agency relationships must be profitable. We will control our growth by making informed decisions and taking managed risks in all areas of Old Republic Title. We can never be satisfied by providing minimal services or competing on price alone. Instead, we will strive to deliver what is needed, valued and deserved by our customers. Continuing profitability will provide us with the needed resources and support to weather downturns in business conditions, fund our growth and reward our employees.

We must contribute earnings to increase stockholder equity and to further ORI's long-term objective of being the leading provider of specialized insurance and related services.

 ...recognition as a title industry leader...

We will position Old Republic Title as a financially strong, viable participant in the real estate transfer process. We will continue to be an advocate for financial integrity in the title insurance industry.

 ...and rewarding careers for our employees...

We will recruit, train, develop and retain our employees with rewarding career opportunities. Our fair and non-discriminatory working environment will allow our employees to grow both personally and professionally. As our employees add value to the Company, they will be recognized for their achievements through fair compensation and additional challenges.

Our Strengths

Employee Competency & Experience

Our standards are high. We recruit and hire individuals with the knowledge, ability, skills and experience in the title industry. Whether state or regional counsel, title officers, title searchers, underwriters or escrow officers...all our employees are dedicated to unsurpassed excellence.

Technology Solutions

Today's lenders operate in a highly complex environment, originating and processing mortgages in any number of state, regional or national markets. Our skilled technicians at the National Service Center offer lenders a host of services, all designed to ease and simplify their tasks.


Since 1992, no other title insurer has had higher overall financial strength ratings than the Old Republic Title Insurance Group. Overall, our ratings indicate secure claims-paying ability and high financial stability, an independent assessment yet to be matched by any other title underwriters.

Exceptional Customer Service

Old Republic Title delivers exceptional service from the beginning to the end of your transaction. At each stage of the process, highly skilled, experienced experts will assist you – assuring prompt delivery of our products and services.

Old Republic International Corporation

Old Republic International traces its beginnings to 1923, although several acquired subsidiaries began operations much earlier. The Company is one of America's 50 largest shareholder-owned insurance businesses. Its subsidiaries market, underwrite and provide risk management services for a wide variety of coverages, predominantly in the general (property and liability), mortgage guaranty and title insurance fields. The Company is primarily a commercial lines underwriter serving the insurance needs of a large number of organizations, including many of America's leading industrial and financial services institutions.

For the beneficiaries of their insurance products and services, Old Republic's insurance subsidiaries provide quality assurance of the promises they make. For employees, the Company offers an environment of success in which they can pursue personal goals of professional and economic achievement in the context of Old Republic's business objectives.

Old Republic's record as a long-term investment compares very favorably within American industry. The Company's performance reflects an entrepreneurial spirit, a necessary long-term orientation in the management of its business, and a corporate structure that promotes accountability and encourages the taking of prudent business risks. The Company's common stock has a demonstrated history of long-term capital appreciation and a cash dividend payment record that now extends to 68 consecutive years. According to the most recent edition of Mergent's Dividend Achievers, Old Republic is one of just 119 companies, out of 10,000-plus publicly held corporations, that have posted at least 25 consecutive years of annual dividend growth.


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Due to legal and regulatory restrictions, OR EscrowPro® is not available in all states.
Old Republic Title’s underwriters are Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and American Guaranty Title Insurance Company.


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